Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Very Beginning

As we began planning we decided the best place to put the greenhouse would be in the middle of the existing garden beds. At the end of 2017, these garden beds had been left to the weeds and were overgrown with brush that was taller than me (over 6 feet!). The best course of action to clear an area for the greenhouse was burning the brush. So last October (2017), we went to work clearing the area.
Bundled up in layers to protect us against the cold, we worked all morning to clear a 30-foot area for the greenhouse in the middle of the overgrowth. Large enough for us to drive a tractor or truck on either side once the greenhouse was built.

Both of the 100-foot beds and the space between them had become overgrown after the summer harvest was over.

All bundled up against the freezing, October weather, we got started.

The overgrowth was overwhelming when we first started, but with a quick lesson in using the torch we were on our way.
I hope you will be able to skip this step if you choose to copy my project. It was definitely labor intensive, and by the time we actually started the greenhouse the weeds had to be cut down again - at each stage of the project actually.

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