Sunday, July 29, 2018


Over the span of several months the ground was prepped to began building the greenhouse. Sometime in May the ground was leveled, then the footers were dug. Following that we had concrete poured, two rows of blocks laid, and the ground weeded again. In the meantime, I talked to Lowe's about getting a discount on the building material that could not be recycled (mainly lumber) and they agreed to give us our initial order at their cost.This lumber was picked up and delivered to the farm in June.

A construction crew that was working elsewhere on the farm oversaw the pouring of the cement. I was fortunate to have the help of so many people who had experience in construction.

Look at the rest of the garden beds in the background - don't they look so much better than the last time you saw them?!

In this picture you can see the lines my dad and I helped string so the work crews would know where to dig the footers. That was a learning experience for me as I had no idea how perfect the lines needed to be.

The first layer of block was laid while I was not there, but the work crew did an excellent job (despite the concrete not being level).

The awesome crew who helped us unload $1100 worth of lumber and building supplies into the barn across from the greenhouse space. With our Lowe's discount we only spent about $800 - still a lot of wood though.

Here I'm being taught how to lay blocks as we begin the second row. This was also a learning experience and I got the chance to get dirty.

We worked until almost 10:30 laying block - over 5 hours total. I missed dinner and gave my mom a small heart attack when I didn't answer my phone the whole time. I was elbow-deep in mortar and mud though, so it's probably better I didn't have my phone with me.

After months of waiting it was finally time to start the greenhouse construction, but first we had some work to do to prepare the area. This crew helped level out the dirt mounds on every side of the space from the where the footers had been dug. We also weeded...again.

Even though this was a hot and sunny day I can't express how excited I was to be there because it meant my dream was finally taking shape in a tangible way - the next day we would be starting the greenhouse.

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